Polyethylene pipes are manufactured by extrusion. Granular polyethylene, high pressure low density HDPE 100 by loader fed into the extruder hopper where it is heated, plasticized, and a melt is supplied under pressure in a co-forming head from which the molded tube enters the calibrator, a vacuum bath then in the cooling bath... For pipe bending is used the pulling device, the gripping elements which fit the profile of the product. The wall thickness of the pipe and its correct geometry controlled by contactless electronic measuring device. For marking embossed or ink-jet printing is used a countable marking device. Pipes with diameter d 125-630 mm can be cut to a predetermined length by guillotine saw that moves along the tube at its outlet, and stacked in a pile. Pipe diameter less than 125 mm are wound into coils of 50-500 m by draw-out equipment and coiler.